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Mission Critical SEO Analysis


To provide a website which will guarantee online success, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential. When searching your website, a search engine has more than 100+ components to take into consideration, which could alter your search listing completely.

Our expertise as a fully integrated ecommerce Platform as a Service (PaaS) developer, means we understand the tools required to analyse your website - we’re the people SEO marketing companies turn to for assistance! Through structured processes, we discover what may prevent your business from being found online, and we demonstrate ways your website can be found, through a mixture of platform technology, and knowledge of search engine systems.

How can a SEO Audit benefit my businesses website?

An SEO Audit looks at the technical framework of your website, and through a mixture of expert knowledge and our integrated Platform as a Service (PaaS) CMS technology, we recommend solutions. From user-generated keywords to auto-generated XML-code, a complete SEO Audit will unmask all aspects in which your website could be improved, increasing your search listing position.

The main focus of every search engine is to find the most relevant data based on the search criteria indicated, and excellence in this area ensures the user returns to the SEO service provider. Ranking systems are designed to calculate if a website gives a positive user experience. Our SEO audit service will analyse features on your website and then pinpoint where improvements can be made - improving the user experience and consequently your ratings.

Our PaaS website technology has been specially created to integrate with Google. With over 16 years industry expertise, our SEO developers will review mission critical criteria such as:


We examine and analyse URL purpose and functionality e.g. does it contain a primary keyword in itself? Is the URL hyphenated? What is the framework of your website’s site-map, how shallow or deep is the structure - will Google be able to access all the pages on your site as a result? Factors such as these can seriously impact on your website’s search engine performance, and it’s mission critical therefore, to ensure that search engines evaluate your site with these points suitably addressed.

Website Load Speeds

As a specialist ecommerce and digital marketing agency, we fully understand the consequences of having large graphic file sizes throughout your website. Everything we do, whilst making a site visually rich, absolutely involves high quality image optimisation. It’s a myth that a website has to be graphics skinny to be found on search engines. This strategy is counter-productive, as visitors are put off by large areas of text - they prefer to see beautiful imaging linked with key messages and 'calls to action'. Additionally, our code engineering is designed to allow a website to load super fast - stripping out unnecessary scripts and redundant HTML.

A websites load speed is a very important factor when determining its ranking. Server down time can also have a negative consequence; so our world class and highly secure Adobe server technology, guarantees an impressive 99.98% up-time. We believe that visually rich websites can still perform extremely well with the right design and SEO knowledge, and of course, as an Adobe UK Partner our Creative Cloud suite of Adobe software helps us deliver fantastic results which impact on strong SEO performance.

Website Design

Your site doesn’t have to have a source code which is crammed with dozens of different JavaScripts, or links to external source files, it can be simplified. All of our ecommerce and web development coding, is engineered with this in mind - we call it ‘Liquid’.

Onsite Keywords

When we conduct an SEO Audit, we expose the word density of your website, to determine if your website has too many keywords, or too few. Either can be negative in the way search engines rank you.

Coding Errors

Our design code engineering is created to minimise broken code and links. Our SEO Audit will ensure that HTML code and JavaScript errors can be fixed. These small code typo errors can not only prevent your site from working correctly - giving a poor customer experience, but they can also be penalised by search engines - reducing your ranking performance.

Expiry Metadata Tags

Expiry tags are a small but essential part of HTML Metadata code, that helps search engines understand how often they should return to re-assess your website. We place these snippets of Metadata into your page content, to ensure there is effective communication between your site and the automated search engine process, and the longer the time period and the less they have to do - the higher your rankings.

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