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Fully Integrated & Hosted Ecommerce Platform

These days, the whole world is online and ecommerce is changing the way that businesses operate and how customers interact. Our highly effective fully integrated ecommerce platform - referred to as PaaS (Platform as a Service), is suitable for both digital marketing and full ecommerce/transactional websites, and is designed for brands, businesses, manufacturers and retailers - solving the technical issues of how to drive an online strategy - particularly in relation to complex Sales & Distribution channels. Our dedicated website has all the information you need, to make a more informed opinion, and we would encourage you to take a look.



Benefits of Retail Integrated Ecommerce


1. Attract New Business. In the online world, it has never been easier to attract consumers through successful keyword optimization strategies. Because every single one of your products, categories, departments etc, can have their own customised search engine meta-tags (ie: titles, keywords, descriptions), your business is far more likely to show up in your potential customer’s search results and capture their attention. With our integrated Analytics & Reporting, you can also monitor which key words seem to be drawing in the most clientele, so that you can maximize the usage of those tags. Importantly, our technology includes XML sitemaps, a string of code that positions with products and product descriptions, page descriptions etc, allowing search engines to drill down to products or specific page content more effectively. A lack of expertise means many web design companies, do not include XML sitemaps, and you should consider the importance of this when deciding who to approach.


2. Keep Customers Coming Back. Once you have attracted customers to your website, it is important that you keep them browsing through your products and returning for more. The beauty of our integrated ecommerce solution, is that it simplifies the process of keeping a consumer’s attention. By utilising features and suggesting additional product upgrades or add-ons and special offers, you can keep consumers browsing through your online store. Furthermore, with an inclusive email marketing system that's linked to the Customer Relationship Management database (CRM), you can target and analyse campaigns, set up automatic incentives to return to abandoned shopping carts and much more. There's no need to outsource your Email Marketing to another company and pay more money - our technology does the lot!


3. Operate in “Real Time”. Consumers expect instant transactions and real time operation. By integrating ecommerce functionality into your online business you can instantly make updates to your product inventory, descriptions, and prices. Not only is this ideal for making online sales, but it also plays a huge role in your ability to make on-site sales at your physical 'bricks & mortar' retail location. Fourty Seven percent (47%) of consumers have admitted to utilising their smart phones or tablets to more closely investigate a product prior to purchase in the store. More surprising is that ninety three percent (93%) of those people who utilise 'Apps' in store will make a purchase on-site, the same day. These figures make it clear that quick and accurate product updates and descriptions are critical to making sales.


4. Understand Your Customers. One of the greatest attributes of integrated ecommerce is that it enables you to continuously get to know your customers better. Each time your customer logs into your website, you will get a better picture of what it is that they are interested in and how to better meet their needs. By “remembering” previously viewed or purchased products, your integrated business website can present buyers with customised suggestions and offers that will yield a higher response rate – leaving both your business and your customers satisfied.


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