SEO Keyword Research

Mission Critical 'SEO Keyword' Research

Avoid the mistake of targeting and falsely selecting the incorrect search terms when undertaking SEO for your business - a common error which can be avoided. Extensive keyword research is the straight forward way to ensure that the correct keywords for your business are used each time - before you create your SEO strategy. 

Keyword research provides answers to questions you should always be asking before you commence building a website. Typical questions would be:

What keywords are my target customers searching for?

What is the search volume for each phrase?

What about the level of competition for your priority keywords?

We know that your competitors regularly ignore certain areas of your market space when carrying out a keyword search. Our keyword research seizes the opportunity of plugging any gaps, and for an affordable price, we will figure out which search phrases aren’t working for your website, which ones are, and which ones need to be added to your metadata and page content - all helping to more precisely position your business in search engine results.

360 Keyword Research

Our ‘360 SEO Keyword Research’, is our premium keyword service, which through thorough investigation reveals popular phrases which are ideal for page content, blog posts and news articles. Longer search phrases have little competition, and opens up serious opportunities to get your content exposed on the search engine results page. In-depth keyword research therefore, helps recognise where ‘win win’ scenarios are possible - generating higher traffic volumes to your site and importantly, more relevant customers.

360 SEO Keyword Research identifies:

  • The power of keywords - which ones are rising in popularity, which ones are falling, en-vogue keywords i.e words and phrases which are setting new trends in the market space. We believe it’s better to stay on-trend, than using historically delinquent criteria.
  • What’s the SWOT analysis of your ‘Home Page’ keyword structure? What’s the competition for ‘Home Page’ keywords? Just exactly what are you up against in competing directly with the top 10 results? How difficult will it be to break into this zone?

Does your website and content have the right keywords? Do you have the skills to identify what needs to be corrected to drive new traffic and customer engagement? If you’d like to speak to us - complete our short Contact form, and we will be happy to call you without obligation. Alternatively please ring us on our UK Freephone 0800 5421 601.

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